Fave Home Decor

Happy Monday friends! My goal this month is to get up at least 18 posts for you! I know we are a week into August and this is my first post, but I have been soooo busy 🙁 I know, no excuses but I am working on some good ish for ya! I wanted to do a round up of my favorite home decor items for you, and they are all on my wishlist! I love being creative and making my space unique, functional and fun. When decorating, I am always looking for pieces that can be multi-functional. For example, if I want to make the room look different without purchasing all new items, I can throw a cute blanket over the couch or change the curtains. It is always fun to change things up every now and then! As you can see, I love the gray/white theme, along with anything pineapple or elephant! I hope you like my picks below! xox




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